*Updated 9-9-20*

Sunday Services

Outdoor Service 9:00 am. Weather Permitting. Bring your own chair or listen from parked vehicle.

All guidelines set for the indoor service at 11:00am will apply to the 9:00am service if it gets moved indoors because of weather.​

Facebook Livestream 11:00 am


Indoor Service 11:00 am in the Fellowship Hall


Here are the guidelines for indoor worship:

1.     Who Should Come? We ask that if you are sick in any manner that you remain home until you recover fully. We also ask if you feel in any way uncomfortable in coming to service at this point, that you remain at home. We want to reiterate that your choice to stay home will not be judged or held against you in any way. We understand completely your choice for safety. You are not disobeying God by staying home. For those who do not have technology to watch online, we will begin recording these services. If you desire a copy of a CD, please let us know. We will safely sanitize and deliver those to you.

2.     Seating: New Update* You will no longer need to bring your own chairs to the indoor service at 11:00am. We feel it is safe enough for us to use our chairs since we will be using a fogger weekly to disinfect the fellowship hall.

3.     Entrance and Exit: The doors will open at 10:45am. Please wait in your cars if you arrive earlier than that. We will enter through the education wing front door and the ramp door for those that are handicapped or need to use the ramp. A deacon will be there to hold the door open for you and direct you inside. You will proceed down the hallway towards the fellowship hall. As you enter, please remember to stay at least six feet away from those around you who are not in your household. Deacons will assist in seating you within the fellowship hall for worship. We will be seating the fellowship hall by household groups, starting at the back and moving forward. At the end of service, we will dismiss orderly from back to front. The deacons will assist you in this manner.

4.     Masks: We strongly encourage the use of masks indoors. We know this might be an inconvenience to some and there are many varying opinions on the use of masks. We feel it is best for the safety of the congregation that you wear a mask. We hope that you will consider the safety of your fellow congregants, particularly those that may be more vulnerable to the virus that would still like to worship indoors. But we also understand that there may be situations where mask wearing is not possible because of health issues related to respiratory issues and some younger children not having the ability to wear one consistently. We ask you bring your own mask if possible, but we will make disposable surgical masks available to you at the entrance.

5.     Congregational Singing: After much research and counsel with our health safety team, we feel it

is safe to allow for singing in our indoor services as long as masks are in use. Song lyrics will be printed in weekly bulletins. Feel free to sing as long as you have a mask on.

6.     Social Distancing and Fellowship: We will continue to forego fellowship time. Please remain six feet away and wave from a distance to your fellow members and attenders. No handshakes or hugs just yet. We will also continue to forego the traditional passing the plate for the offering. An offering bucket/box will be available at the entrance and exit for your offering. Thank you again for how you have sacrificially given in difficult days like these.

7.     Bathroom Use: We will have the bathrooms in the fellowship hall open for your use in case of an emergency. We ask that only one person use the bathroom at a time to promote social distancing. We want to make these bathrooms available for those that might need one in case of an emergency. The rest of the bathrooms on the church property will be closed. Also, the water fountain will not be in use.

8.     Hand Sanitizer Stations: We will have hand sanitizer stations prepared at the door entrances and exits, and one inside at the entrance of the fellowship hall. Please use these as you enter the campus. If you miss the one outside, please use the one that will be placed at the fellowship hall doors inside.

9.     Childcare: We will still not have nursery or any children’s church available for this time. As we move closer to school reopening and have a better understanding of how that will work, we will begin to think about restarting these ministries.

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