*Updated 4-19-21*

Church Family,

This past Sunday evening, the deacons and I took the results from our survey we sent out a few
weeks ago and made some decisions in regards to relaxing on some of our COVID restrictions.
One of the biggest takeaways we gathered from that survey is the encouraging news that many
of you are vaccinated. Around 75% of those who responded to the survey are vaccinated. That
is a great number to see and it helps us as we continue to move forward. Also, we noticed that
many of you are ready to get back to one service, to worship together as one body. Here are the
decisions that we made that we want you to know about:

First, starting this Sunday, April 25th, we are going to be gathering as one church body again
and only having one service at 11am. Because of that, it will be much more difficult to keep
distance between people of different households, but because of the vaccinations and lower
case numbers around us, we feel like this is our best option, for we also desire and need to
worship together as one body of believers. Also, we are now opening all doors as normal for
you to enter, like before COVID. Offering buckets will be available at both entrances to the
sanctuary. With that in mind, we are still encouraging the use of masks if possible, especially as
we gather closer together. We are waiting a little longer to moving that recommendation to
“optional” so that those that have not gotten the vaccine yet have ample opportunity. If
everything goes well within the next six weeks with this move to one service, we are considering
moving that mask recommendation to “optional” in June. Also note that we will continue to
livestream at 11:00am on our Facebook page.


Second, we are moving the time for Sunday School back to 10:00am. We are still doing one
adult Sunday School class in the Fellowship Hall at this moment. Just a slight change in time.


Third, we will now restart doing Sunday Evening Bible Study for Adults at 6:30pm in the
sanctuary. Looking forward to starting this back again, and that will begin this Sunday as well.
We plan on also livestreaming this service as well on Facebook.


Lastly, Vacation Bible School will be in June 21-25 and we will operate trying our best with
keeping things clean, safe, and as distanced as best we can, but as of now, we plan on making
mask use optional. Keep that in mind if you would like to volunteer and prayerfully make your
decision in regards to helping with VBS in June.


Just a good reminder for anyone that attends our services is to make sure that you are not sick
before you attend. That will help immensely and is always a good principle!


Thank you church for your continued prayers and patience over the last year. We are excited to
move forward. Continue to pray for safety of our people and for this to be a re-energizing time
for us. Love you church!

-Pastor Chris